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Shenzhou Model will manufacture the first level products for every client by the strong technical strength and the modeling experience for many years.
From the point of macroscopic aspect or the microcosmic aspect, talents are the crucial element for developing the enterprise.[More]
·工程機械模型:行業發展前景可期 推薦4只股 2011Year3Month3Day
·產品模型-4吋屏A5 CPU 蘋果iPhone5三種產品模型在測 2011Year3Month3Day
·禮品模型-兩元一支筆那里只賣兩毛錢 2011Year3Month3Day
·別克25汽車模型:美國百年汽車文化精髓 2011Year1Month7Day
·世界上第二種完成基因敲除的動物模型 2011Year1Month7Day
·新型智能立體設備模型車庫——緩解停車難的救星 2011Year1Month4Day
·多媒體設備模型應用在家電熱點產品中 2011Year1Month4Day
·機械模型,汽車模型在達芬奇時代,最近亮相上海世博會 2011Year1Month3Day
·汽車模型居然用純金制作,價值遠遠高于真跑車 2010Year12Month31Day
·機械模型-到底誰是中國的第一位飛機機械模型制造家 2010Year12Month30Day
·設備模型,動物模型,禮品模型-世界杯主體育場”現身世博館 吉祥物約會海寶 2010Year12Month29Day
·鑄造模型-英國診所為胎兒塑像 3D掃描繪出胎兒雛形 2010Year12Month28Day
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